Adriano Mudri Automtive Design Portfolio
What I do

- Automotive Design I use my knowledge and experience to solve problems and create designs that do not only look appealing, but also work on an engineering and production level.
- Design & Project Management Finding the balance between minimizing development costs and maximizing output is a basic and very important thing to take care of, whilst optimizing processes and creating a pleasant working environment.
- Concept Design Thinking one or two steps ahead, I focus on conceiving future products and showcasing them with new technologies and new styling approaches applied on a right strategy.

Professional Experience
Feel free to view my LinkedIn profile for detailed information, as for the rest I have many years of hands-on experience in my father's car repair shop

Creativity vs. Analysis In design one doesn't go without the other

Pen and Paper I rely on my advanced sketching skills to communicate my ideas to others

Adobe CS For 2D graphics purposes and presentations, I have expert knowledge for using Adobe CS products

3D Modeling I combine expert capability in Alias and SolidWorks to bring ideas and designs into 3D.

Clay Getting "dirty" on claymodels is one the things I enjoy doing to feel the form and communicate faster.

Visualization I know and use whichever Rendering software is needed to deliver the best results
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